From body butters to preserves our family stems from several generations of farming, harvesting, and processing produce for the community.  Living in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains country living consisted of eating and using what you could grow. Even though the amount of farmers greatly decreased in the 60's and 70's the need for homemade products remained consistent. We gradually started to sell homemade products to the community which grew into a family business...

Fast Forward to December 2018 when the farm bill was passed making Hemp oil products federally legal. We decided to legally grow/process hemp oil to add to our top selling skin care products. 

Take a moment and enjoy the Black Hemp Experience.


Welcome to the Family


A soothing natural experience. An oasis of nature's best moisturizers paired with hemp's diverse rejuvenating qualities. The preeminent conditioning butter for your entire body!



Come back to natural moisture!

The typical use of commercial moisturizes expose us to toxic chemicals on an everyday basis




We, The Black Hemp Family, value our skin and we are sure you do as well.  We promise to only use high quality products  (butters & oils) containing valuable skin compounds that occur in nature. no man made chemicals are used to preserve, scent or color our products.

Come back to safe fragrances!

The suppliers of fragrances are not required to produce a full list of ingredients to manufacturers or distributors. Consequently, we as consumers are forced to accept vague/incomplete product descriptions.




Here with the Black Hemp Family you can finally relax knowing that your health is valued and will always be considered the highest priority when we manufacture or products.

 We only use pure essential oils coupled with pure carrier oils for product aroma. Journey with us as we return to scenting ourselves with the uncompromised scents of mother nature.

Come back to natural healing!

What can be said that hasn't already been said about prescription and man made medicines? From ineffectiveness to epidemic potential. Prescription drugs often offer more negatives than positives.




 Rest assured that The Black Hemp Family knows the true value of Mother Nature.  The answer to all of our (dis-ease) can be solved with plants/ plant byproducts.  One of the most beneficial byproducts is full spectrum hemp oil. We diligently pursue the path to  further knowledge of the true healing power found in nature. If you are willing to follow us we will happily show you the way. 


Black Hemp

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