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I'm Carter one half of the minds that came together to bring you James Brothers Extracts. I’m a cybersecurity student that also has a passion for organic natural medicines and flower extractions. The other side is my brother Weston. Together we know the busy life of modern smokers and dab enthusiasts. We strive to create quality extracts that focus on taste and flavor; because it's all about taste to us. We strive to create quality concentrates with quality staring material whether it be CBD, THC or any other cannabinoid dominate concentrate.

A message from our creators 

I'm Weston a regular teenager that had the support system needed to succeed. I like to enjoy life and take in the little things. I strive to be a part of the forward push of legalization and the transfer of society to a plant based medication instead of pills. Cannabis it is a beautiful plant. We chose to work with extracts bc it offers a fast easy and highly potent way of ingesting this beautiful plant that does so much for us. I intend to trailblazer and put on for black people in the industry. I will work hard to build a successful business that is extremely profitable I will inspire other young people of color to enter the industry. 

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